We help cities, quasi-municipal districts and master planned communities enter the electric distribution business and act as their complete turnkey staff by providing superior service to operate and manage the business.



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Edison International forms Edison Utility Services with the purpose of being a self-sufficient organization able to deliver electric utility services to non-regulated utilities.

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In 2001 Edison utility Services was acquired by a private equity fund to extend the function of providing startup and system infrastructure financing to our customers.




We changed our name from Edison utility Services to ENCO Utility Services


Today, ENCO Utility Services is the leading non regulated provider of fully bundled retail electric distribution services, serving local governments and municipal agencies

Experience at your fingertips


The senior management at ENCO has decades of experience operating and maintaining one of the largest, most efficient and reliable electric systems in the country. 



Robert M. H. de Korné

Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering

Robert (Bob) M. H. de Korné is Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering for ENCO Utility Services. Mr. de Korné is responsible for ENCO’s electric distribution, solar operations and engineering activities. Previously at Southern California Edison, during his distinguished 31-year career, Bob held many leadership positions. He directed the design, construction, and operations of the electric system for several districts and regions while managing the delivery of customer service and supporting community affairs.

Ruby M. Irigoyen

Senior Vice PResident of Customer Services and CEO, ENCO COLORADO UTILITY SERVICES LLC

Ruby M. Irigoyen is Senior Vice President of Customer Services for ENCO Utility Services. She is responsible for the delivery of billing and customer care services, demand side management, and energy efficiency programs. While at Southern California Edison during her 29-year career, she worked extensively in the areas of public affairs, customer field services, accounting, credit, collection, and call center service delivery. She also directed all aspects of the state-of-the-art facility known as the Customer Technology Application Center (CTAC) to develop, test, and demonstrate new energy efficient technology applications for Southern California Edison customers.  In addition to her other tasks, she serves as President and CEO of ENCO Colorado Utility Services LLC.

Adhurim (Al) Kepuska, P.E.

Manager of Engineering and Planning

Al Kepuska is Manager of Engineering and Planning for ENCO Utility Services. Al is responsible for electric distribution planning and engineering activities for all ENCO Utility Service’s projects. Al’s background and training includes a wide range of disciplines, including electrical engineering, electronics, computer technology, telecommunication, finance and accounting. His credentials include Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Science in Financial Engineering. Al is a registered Professional Engineer, licensed in California.

Anton Smeerdyk

Consulting engineer

Anton (Tony) Smeerdyk is ENCO’s Vice President of Engineering and Planning. Mr. Smeerdyk is responsible for highly technical engineering services and directs the work for the design and construction of electric distribution system additions to for ENCO Utility Services. He provides oversight and guidance to our engineering staff in design, resolution of complex engineering problems, scheduling, design, cost estimates, engineering specifications, drawings, materials procurement, construction contracts, cost tracking and project cost projections.  Tony also conducts advanced engineering studies and complex investigations; prepares oral and written reports of results and recommendations. Previously at Southern California Edison, during a 28 year career, Tony held many leadership positions in the Planning and Engineering organization. He directed the planning, engineering and design of the electric system for several divisions and districts while managing the customer service staff that interfaced with new or existing customers for electric service needs. Tony is a registered professional Engineer, licensed in California and Florida.

Hala Fathi

chief financial officer

Hala Fathi is CFO for ENCO Utility Services. Ms. Fathi is responsible for all the accounting and finance activities at ENCO Utility Services. Prior to ENCO, Ms. Fathi was a Business Analysis Manager at ConAgra, Inc., a fortune 500 company. During her 8 year tenure at ConAgra, Ms. Fathi was responsible for all the accounting and finance activities for one of ConAgra’s largest brands, Wesson Oil, as well as the Van Camps brand.