System Design and Engineering Services

  • PPA negotiations
  • Assistance with construction period financing
  • Cost effective uses for entitlement capital
  • Assist in the preparation of underwriting packages
  • Design, engineering and related consulting services of electric distribution systems
  • Procurement of all necessary equipment to be integrated into the electric system
  • Preparation of requests for qualification (RFQ), requests for proposal (RFP), technical specifications and other bid documents for the design and construction of electric distribution system

Construction Management Services

  • Provide comprehensive Construction Management Services
  • Project-manage and coordinate construction of electric systems
  • Inspect the installation of conduits, and structures, including but not limited to vaults, manholes, pads, slab-boxes to assure compliance with design plans and standards
  • Inspect the installation of electrical equipment, including but not limited to transformers, capacitors, switches to insure compliance with standards and insure reliability of the system
  • Prepare project schedules implement controls
  • Prepare budgets and implement cost controls for the EPC Services
  • Report non-conformity or potential problems with objectives for quality construction, timely completion and economy, as well as compliance with approved construction budget and schedule
  • Organize all construction progress meetings and control all written communications among project management staff and contractors
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding contractor change order requests, process all such requests, and make written recommendations regarding any disputes
  • Supervise, in conformance with acceptance criteria, the energization and testing of the physical performance of the electric system installed by contractors
  • Manage applicable warranties provided by contractors.  



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We offer all aspects of utility scale solar PV operations and maintenance services, such as:

  • On-site inspection, maintenance and expedited repair services
  • 7x24 system performance monitoring, reporting and dispatch services
  • Substation operation and maintenance services
  • Complete O&M reporting
  • Warranty claim processing
  • Compliance with PPA requirements

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We have established working relationships with AT&T and Verizon Planning teams based upon our interaction on numerous projects. We leverage these professional relationships to promptly identify the necessary facilities to serve renewable energy project. The specific services we offer include, but are not necessarily limited, to the following:


Line Extension Negotiations and Project Management

  • Negotiate timeline and cost for lien extensions and line re-enforcement 
  • Assistance in filling out high voltage information forms (e.g. 1039A form)
  • Project manage the construction of the line extension to timelines are met
  • Coordinate the install of required on-site facilities including:
    • Conduits
    • Pull boxes
    • Innerducts
  • Backboard and/or shelves, power supply grounding and high voltage protection

Circuit Ordering and Provisioning

  • Assist in identifying the types of circuits/lines required to serve your renewable energy project.
  • Place and project-manage service orders from inception to provisioning and turn-up.
  • Assist in negotiations with the electrical interconnecting utility and CAISO in regards to the DTT, SCADA/EMS, and ECN requirements.
  • Coordinate and schedule any required inspections by AT&T/Verizon for the on-site facilities.
  • Coordinate the installation of the point to point circuits with electrical interconnecting utilities.

CAISO Energy Communication Network (ECN) Circuit

  • CAISO Network is handled by a specialized AT&T team with very specific processes. Our knowledge of the team and processes ensures an expedient establishment of connectivity and turn up.
  • Advise the project to pursue the communication option that best fits the project.
  • Assist with completing appropriate forms to apply for service.
  • Obtain IP address necessary for the CAISO New Resource Implementation process.
  • Coordinate delivery of equipment.
  • Monitor and influence expeditious installation of the required circuits and turn-up of the network.

Fiber-Link Installations

  • Fiber-link installations are the preferred method to avoid the installation of High Voltage Equipment and the circuit interruptions that go along with it.
  • As part of our professional services contract we include this scope when appropriate.
  • We have established working relationships with reputable fiber-link equipment manufacturers and installers.